SGD Independent safeguarding, Welfare and Wellbeing advisor and consultant.

SGD Safeguarding consultants are outstanding leaders and managers with over 25 years working in safeguarding, wellbeing and welfare of young people and adults.

Introduction & Services

Steff Dowle, the founder of SGD Consultants, has a proven track record from 24 years in the armed forces and a further 15 years in an intense 100% boarding secondary/sixth form school as Head of Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Welfare and Behaviour. 

As Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Steff managed a unique school/home environment that only a 24/7 boarding school can provide. The day to day safeguarding concerns and remoteness of parents provided a highly challenging working environment that he excelled in and now shares his wealth of experience and knowledge with you.

SGD Consultants can support all schools and educational settings with open, transparent auditing of your processes and policies to ensure you and your staff are providing first-class safeguarding, wellbeing and welfare support to your students, staff and parents.

Our services are designed to provide an efficient level of service, from the first interaction to the last.

We provide exceptional customer and client support, whether day or night, we're here to support your needs.

We have decades of experience and are able to provide exceptional insight into many areas.

Every course is tailored to have a path to progression both professionally and personally. 

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Courses & Services

We offer a range of services depending on your requirements and can tailor and accommodate any need or circumstance.

Internal Audit

Pre or post inspection external audits will always provide an honest and transparent view of your whole school safeguarding procedures to ensure your staff and students are fully conversant with your policies and procedures. Reviewing all aspects of your policies, procedures and strategies for safeguarding and linking your strategies to whole school improvement plans and self-evaluation. 

Immediate Incident Response Support & Advice

Following a major incident or concern we will sit alongside you and guide you through the reporting, multi-agency referrals, MASH meetings, managing parents, staff and students, dealing with external agencies (police, social services and early help) and lessons learned following an incident or concern.

Staff Development and Safeguarding Training

We will provide your staff with annual, refresher, bespoke and new staff inductions to ensure all staff are not only meeting national minimum standards, but also up to date with national trends and concerns. Small groups or whole school training available.

Student Trust and Confidence Building

An essential quality in any school or educational setting is the ability to provide students with a trusting and safe environment. We can provide staff training and policy writing to enhance your student confidence and trust.

Safeguarding Concern Case Reviews

An overview of your strategies and responses to a safeguarding concern.

Managing Parental Concerns and Communications

Staff training and individual case reviews.

Whole School Safeguarding Strategy Support

Linking wellbeing, welfare, SEN and medical to enhance your safeguarding of students.

Senior Leadership Strategy Support

A consultancy service to support senior leaders in developing safeguarding strategies for whole school improvement.

Individual Staff and Parents’ Consultancy Service

Discreet and confidential consultancy service to all staff and parents for all aspects of safeguarding, wellbeing and welfare concerns.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

There's no jargon and no hidden fees, we provide you a world-class service at the best possible rates. We provide all prices on request.

As Featured In...

SGD's work and expertise has been showcased by educational and professional institutions worldwide.

What Our Customers Say...

I was hugely impressed by his mix of military authority with the compassion and empathy to work with young adults, earning their considerable respect. He brought out everyone's sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. His responsibilities for safeguarding within a co-education full-time boarding school demonstrate his considerable practical knowledge of what is required to be an effective consultant in this difficult area of social responsibility. Through my career in R&D, industry, the Royal Navy and academia I have met many talented individuals and Steff is one of those who I have respected for what they are, for what they do and for what they achieve. 

Dr Geoffrey Soar BSc(Eng) PhD CEng FIMechE

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“Following the disclosure of a safeguarding issue by my daughter, my husband and I were unsure of what we could and should expect in terms of the school’s response and actions.  We felt that we needed an experienced independent voice to help guide us, to ensure that every possible effort was made by her school to support her going forward.  Steff talked to us as a professional in the field, explaining not just the legal position, but the possible outcomes in terms of the school’s actions in line with current educational guidelines.   Steff was calm, supportive and had a wealth of knowledge.”


Steff has helped our business achieve the goals we need to progress and see the real strengths and weaknesses of our organisation. We're now much more secure and knowledgeable than we were before.

James Kent
Private Security Specialist

Steff is extremely knowledgeable in many areas. We had an amazing time learning from him, and it's definitely a rewarding experience.

Hamza A.
Private Contractor
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